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Seven Pillars

Created as thesis artwork for the Roots of Humanity structure, these 7 stained glass panels illustrate seven key, noble characteristics that humans are capable of: Knowledge, Creativity, Faith, Love, Unity, Freedom, and Courage. Examples from across the world are included in each scene. This artwork travels to locations around the globe to inspire and unify individuals everywhere.


The Seven Pillars are currently on display at Holdman Studios in Lehi, Utah.









This was an original concept for the Pillars. Conceptual designs usually change many times along the way. The ultimate desire is to create a piece that is both as direct yet detailed as possible in order to deliver the desired message. Many layers of meaning are found within each aspect of the design to accomplish that goal. 


We had the privilege to work with this beautiful human of Vietnamese heritage. It was an inspiring experience to learn from her about her culture as we photographed her for the panels. Every opportunity we have to learn from others is precious to us and enhances our artwork.  

new tomb 2.jpg

These images show the process from start to finish including model photography, photoshop layout, and finished completed art glass. Details of the design and creation process also found on the Come Unto Me page.  


Shown here is a picture of the completed process. Here are the cut, leaded, and painted pieces all together in the final work. There are tons of pieces and every one is important. For more on that concept check out The Piece That Is You page

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