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Charlene Winters - "Come Unto Me" Exhibit Visitor Story

Charlene Winters shared her knowledge of the stained and painted glass work, “Come Unto Me”, to an eager audience.

"Come Unto Me" Stained Glass Exhibit in Rome, Italy

Charlene Winters (Photo used with permission.)

Having studied and read “Come Unto Me” that describes the stained-glass masterwork in the visitors’ center near the Rome Italy temple, Charlene Winters did not expect her jaw-dropping reaction to the dazzling colors brought to life through light and glass.

As she contemplated the years and thought that went into such a magnificent art piece, she started pointing out specifics to her travel companion. “See the woman holding the oil lamp. She represents one of the wise virgins. She is also used to represent Mary, mother of Christ.” She began pointing out how the harmonious arrangements of people and animals converge toward Jesus Christ, Savior of the World.

“Do you want to see the image of the artist, Tom Holman? You’ll find it in the face of the leper.” It wasn’t before a crowd representing three tour buses surrounded her with questions about the art. She encouraged them to find their own figures and make their own responses.

“Oh, see that coin partially hidden in the cobblestone?” One woman exclaimed. “That’s the parable of the talents, and I can see that I shouldn’t hide away mine.” Others discussed the women at the well, the multiple uses of a lamb, both figuratively and metaphorically. Still, another was astute enough to discern the differences between the wheat and the tares in the parable of that name.

To some it was a giant puzzle, but if so, it was a puzzle filled with meaning. “I have to say this was a highlight in my trip,” said Beth Bateman of Salt Lake City, who had anticipated seeing both the temple and visitors’ center for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


This and other visitor stories are part part of a series covering the Come Unto Me exhibit created through The Roots of Humanity Foundation with help from Tom Holdman and several colleagues at Holdman Studios.

To learn more about this breathtaking exhibit, order your copy of the Come Unto Me Book (below) or the limited edition to see beautiful pictures of close-up details and learn about the stories that inspired the art.

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