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Creation Time-Lapse of “Come Unto Me” Stained Glass Window in Rome

See the remarkable transformation of shards of stained and painted glass become a masterwork with Christ at its center in “Come Unto Me,” a masterwork that illuminates the Savior’s life mission, parables, and miracles. The time-lapse video above shows the process of making the Rome Italy Temple Visitors’ Center Art Glass for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

"Come Unto Me" Stained Glass Display in Rome

Not surprising, the focal point of the art is the Savior himself, standing at the center of the art with his arms outreached to toward a beggar. The beggar with his nondescript features gives the viewer the opportunity to imagine him or herself there, for as the scriptures indicate, “Are we not all beggars?” (Mosiah 4:19). Christ’s attitude is one of reaching and lifting, and the beggar must choose to reach for Christ.

A beggar being progressively healed by Christ from leprosy.
A beggar being progressively healed by Christ from leprosy.

As explained by Tom Holdman, head artist of Holdman Studios at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah, “The clasped hands between the Savior and the man being healed create a visual circle of connection and remind us that we can have the same relationship with Him. Notice how the skin of the beggar that is closest to the Savior is clear and healthy, while the skin farther away is still covered with sores. It is as if we are watching a miracle in the making—the very moment of transformation is happening.”

Every panel reveals a significant element of the Savior’s life and his teachings. A sampling of the stories that can be found captured in glass are the good Samaritan, the wheat and tars, the lost sheep, the prodigal son, the ten virgins, the rich young man, and more.

To learn more about this breathtaking exhibit, you can order your copy of the "Come Unto Me" Limited Edition Book. Proceeds from all online orders go to support art and education through The Roots of Humanity Foundation.

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