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Judd and Pauline Morgan - "Come Unto Me" Exhibit Visitor Story

The Morgans of Draper, Utah, see the stained glass at the Visitors Center in Rome as a wonderful tool for Christian missionaries who serve in Italy.

"Come Unto Me" Stained Glass Exhibit in Rome, Italy

As soon as Pauline Morgan of Draper, Utah, saw the stained-glass panels that depict the life, the ministry, the parables and the miracles of Jesus Christ at the Rome Temple Visitors’ Center in Italy, she immediately thought of Christian missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Judd and Pauline Morgan (Photo used with permission.)

“This stained and painted glass is a great teaching tool,” she says of the impressive panels that comprise Come Unto Me, the masterwork by artist Tom Holdman and his colleagues. “To have all the parables arranged so masterfully provides many lessons the missionaries can use. I’m sure they will be bringing their investigators to this impressive visitors’ center and the stained and painted glass shows how Christ is at the center of our faith.”

She also loved the colors and brightness. “The hues are bold and bright, and it is hard to imagine how many hours it must have taken to create it.”

Her husband, Judd, was equally impressed. “I was overwhelmed by the majesty of it all,” he explains. “The brightness of the colors illuminated the stories contained there. I just glued my eyes on the glass and found many stories contained there. It’s hard to find words to fully describe how I felt.”.


This and other visitor stories are part part of a series covering the Come Unto Me exhibit created through The Roots of Humanity Foundation with help from Tom Holdman and several colleagues at Holdman Studios.

To learn more about this breathtaking exhibit, order your copy of the Come Unto Me Book (below) or the limited edition to see beautiful pictures of close-up details and learn about the stories that inspired the art.

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