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Larsen and Boyce - "Come Unto Me" Exhibit Visitor Story

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

For Nathan Larsen, Loveta Boyce and Ariel Larsen it was worth traveling from Moses Lake Washington to Italy to see the Rome Temple and Tom Holman’s stained-glass treasure, "Come Unto Me".

"Come Unto Me" Stained Glass Exhibit in Rome, Italy

Photo of Nathan Larsen and Loveta Boyce
Nathan Larsen (Left) and Loveta Boyce (Right). Photo used with permission.

Nathan Larsen, Loveta Boyce, and Ariel Larsen traveled from Moses Lake, Washington, to attend the open house of the Rome Italy Temple and the nearby visitors’ center for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. All three agreed that the experience exceeded their expectations.

As they gazed at the brilliantly-colored panels of Come Unto Me, a masterwork spearheaded by Utah artist Tom Holdman that was prominently featured in the visitors’ center, Loveta said she was overwhelmed its magnitude. “I have waited a long time to come to Italy, and the stained glass was certainly a highlight. It was worth being there and being able to see the parable and ministry of Christ up close. The designs are so clear, so perfect, and so vibrant.”


This and other visitor stories are part part of a series covering the Come Unto Me exhibit created through The Roots of Humanity Foundation with help from Tom Holdman and several colleagues at Holdman Studios.

To learn more about this breathtaking exhibit, order your copy of the Come Unto Me Book (below) or the limited edition to see beautiful pictures of close-up details and learn about the stories that inspired the art.

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