"Meet Yourself Through Glass"

Art has a unique way of being a universal language. In particular, visual art allows one to obtain many different meanings and emotions. Stained glass, specifically Illustrative Stained glass, gives the opportunity to tell even more detailed stories. One could even say that (and did!) through Illustrative Stained Glass a person can find themselves.

World-renowned vocalist and our dear friend, Sissel, describes her experience with our stained glass. "When you stand in front of stained glass that describes our history and emotions in a way, you meet yourself. That's what I think is the essence of the Roots of Humanity Foundation. They want to tell you something about your heritage, your roots, about who you are, and who you can become". She is spot on with what we are trying to accomplish.

WE want to tell you about your roots. We want to tell you about your ancestors, those who are to come, and yourself within the family of humanity. We hope to tell a story of humanity and the greatness we can achieve. Even more so, the greatness we can achieve when we realize we have more in common than in contrast. Working together, we can create a more beautiful world for everyone.

Have a great Friday! Hope to see you all next week.


- Roots of Humanity Foundation

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