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Pieces of Humanity

Last year we had the incredible opportunity to work with Kinivision Films in creating the short film "Pieces of Humanity". This short film dives into the process of Roots of Knowledge. You learn about our triumphs, trials, and more. You also get an idea of how Roots of Humanity stemmed from this project. If you've ever wanted a backstage pass to the glass studios this is it.

As a foundation, we want people to know their value. Gayle puts it so perfectly in the documentary, "If you look really at a stained glass window you're going to realize it's made up of all these different little pieces of glass. Every single one of them is unique in its shape, color, and where it is found within the design. Our hope is to help people see their “piece" in this world. That they are this unique, beautiful, full of potential individual".

We have linked the full documentary below. Be sure to have tissues nearby; there are a couple of teary moments. Many of you have seen the beauty of Roots of Knowledge but this will give you a completely new look at the windows. You will not regret watching this!

Happy Friday to you all. We look forward to reconnecting next week.


- Roots of Humanity

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