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Remembering The Fallen

Loss is never easy to deal with and becomes even more painful when it comes sudden and unexpected. Officer Joseph Adams was shot and killed on duty during a traffic stop. Upon his passing, the city of Lehi worked diligently to keep his memory alive. Now we have been given the opportunity the honor him through our art.

Last night we unveiled the Lehi Police Station stained glass window. This window honors the memory of Joseph Adams and shows the community of Lehi. This magnificent window is in the public safety building (also named after officer Adams). We were lucky enough to meet with the officer's family and learn more about Joseph and his life. A huge thanks to them for allowing us to fabricate this project.

We were humbled and overwhelmed with the response we received from this window. It was touching to see the community being brought together from this art. We strive to educate through our art but most importantly, inspire. Last night that message was well received by all those in attendance. If you didn't make it, we encourage you to watch this video from KSL (local news channel).

We hope everyone has a great weekend. See you next Friday!

- Roots of Humanity Foundation

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