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Slow Down

Hello Roots family! We hope everyone had a wonderful week. We've heard from many people that time is flying by, and we agree. At times it feels impossible to take a breath. Now, as we're heading towards the holiday season, there's no better time to slow down.

Sissel is a world renowned singer and we are lucky to call her one of our good friends. She sings a remarkable song that reminds us to slow down and be still. By doing so, we become more grounded, more peaceful, and more prepared to love and serve those around us.

These past few years our world has dealt with so many challenges. It's important to realize not only is it okay to pause a little but necessary. We highly recommend listening to Sissel's song, Slow Down, as a first step towards becoming more still.

Here are some of our favorite ways we "Slow Down": The first is to take 5 minutes in the morning to be still. No phones, music, just pure silence, allowing us to be calmer throughout the day. The second is to be present. Being present gives our minds the privilege our enjoying the moment rather than worrying about the future. Lastly, we also find peace by visiting our favorite places. Whether at a park, cafe, or museum; this brings us peace. We challenge you to explore more ways to find stillness and "Slow Down".

Have a great Friday & see you next time!


- Roots of Humanity Foundation

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