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Teaching Through Art

Why teach through art? There are many reasons to educate through visual art. First, experiencing concepts visually can make them easier to understand. Secondly, it fosters imagination which stimulates cognitive functions. Thirdly, it increases attention to detail. The list goes on and on.

Visual art is unique as it supersedes language, making it accessible worldwide. Also, mental processes considered to be learning disabilities (for example, dyslexia) are not such a challenge when appreciating visual art. Art opens the door to greater understanding and opportunity.

Through our art-based educational platform, we aspire to encourage, uplift, and edify 100,000 kids by 2025. While this may seem daunting, we have confidence it's possible. We are already on our way. And with the opportunity to teach and inspire children, we are being taught and inspired along with them.

We hope everyone has a great weekend & gets to enjoy the last bit of summer. We will see you all next week!


- Roots of Humanity Foundation

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