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What We've Been Up To

Dear Friends,

You are long overdue for an update. Can you believe April is already upon us? This year has been flying by. We have had many inspiring and humbling experiences so far in 2023 and wanted to share a couple of highlights.


We had to opportunity to take the Seven Pillars to... Dallas! What's in Dallas you might ask? The headquarters of American Airlines resides right next to the DFW airport. AA contacted us about an Interfaith conference they were hosting and what a perfect tie in the Seven Pillars would make.

These windows showcase faiths of many different kinds. They also teach that no matter your religious or cultural background we have more in common than we do in contrast. We are grateful for American Airlines and their sponsorship of getting the windows to their headquarters. It was a memorable event that we will forever cherish.


Author & Artist Gayle Holdman has had the chance to present to 10 different schools so far this year! We hope to visit at least 50 more schools this year.

Gayle has been sharing her book "The Piece That Is You" and teaching the importance of self-worth & esteem. It has been wonderful to see the reaction from every student.


Early this month, we finished one of our latest works of art. The piece is entitled "Believe in Him." We will be unveiling this piece for the first time in Paris.

We are keeping the completed window a secret until then. However, we will show you a sneak peek of this project.

It's incredible the detail our artists are able to create in each of our works. We couldn't do what we do without them.

We hope everyone has a splendid Easter with family & loved ones. Thank you for all the support we receive from each of you. We will reconnect again soon.


- Roots of Humanity

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