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Windows of Wisdom

Bringing education to LIGHT with the inspiration and wisdom of stained-glass art!

Windows of Wisdom was established with a mission to aid every family concerned about the prevailing trends in public schools, yet daunted by the complexity and expenses of other homeschooling options. The organization seeks to make homeschooling a breeze for all.

The approach employed by Windows of Wisdom revolves around two key strategies. Firstly, they curate courses that exude a sense of illumination, focusing on the captivating beauty of stained glass art and the transformative power of values. Students find immense joy in their learning experience with WoW, as the courses are thoughtfully crafted to be enjoyable and engaging.

Secondly, Windows of Wisdom lightens the load for parents by offering courses that are not only effective but also affordable and easy to administer. This way, parents can either actively participate in the learning journey with their children or allow older kids to explore the WoW courses independently, enabling parents to focus on other pressing family needs.

In addition to their primary objectives, the nonprofit extends scholarships to support disadvantaged and minority families in their endeavor to establish studio schools. This initiative aligns perfectly with their overarching mission of making homeschooling accessible to everyone. Research has shown that homeschooling bridges the achievement gap for minority and underprivileged students, compared to traditional public schools. Embracing this belief, Windows of Wisdom aims to impact the lives of the next generation positively, fostering a change through homeschooling.

Furthermore, by encouraging families to collaborate and form studio schools together, Windows of Wisdom expands opportunities for participation, even accommodating families with two working parents.

Join us in celebrating the online opening of Windows of Wisdom's educational program tomorrow, August 1st!

To request a scholarship application, learn more about starting a studio school in your particular area, or make a donation to support others, please check out their website using the link below:

We hope you all have a wonderful week.


- Roots of Humanity

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