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Windows of Wisdom

Roots of Humanity uses the power and inspiration of stained glass art to educate. One way we accomplish this mission is through Windows of Wisdom curriculum and WoW Studio Schools. 


Windows of Wisdom curriculum includes textbooks, workbooks, and videos, featuring stained glass. Our stained glass masterpiece Roots of Knowledge is the foundation for studying history, science, geography, classic literature and art, in accordance with state standards. Our Seven Pillars of Humanity stained glass windows are the foundation for Language Arts courses including reading skills, writing skills, and author workshops. Windows of Wisdom materials are used by private schools, public schools, charter schools, and homeschools around the country. 


WoW Studio Schools are micro-schools that use this same WoW curriculum in small groups of 10 to 20 students led by 1 or 2 adult facilitators in homes and rented spaces. The first Studio School opened in Payson, Utah in 2023 and more Studio Schools are expected to open in 2024. 

The motto of these Studio Schools is: The Masterpiece We Are Helping to Create Is Your Child.” 

Providing a hybrid approach between public school and homeschool, micro-schools are the cutting edge of the education movement in the United States. The Roots of Humanity Foundation is a pioneer in this field, leading the way with inspiring and beautiful materials to teach the world.


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