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The Roots of Humanity Foundation was born from a moment of profound realization: art and education have the power to transcend boundaries, connecting us on a deeper level. Our journey began with a project that captured the hearts of many, demonstrating the impact of collective creativity and shared wisdom. It was this project's success that illuminated our path forward, leading to the vision of the Sphere of Light—an ambitious symbol of unity and inspiration for all.

How It All Started

7 Pillars
7 Pillars
7 Pillars

At the Roots of Humanity Foundation, we believe in the transformative power of art and the pivotal role of education in shaping a compassionate and understanding world. Our work is dedicated to creating spaces and experiences where individuals can discover their shared humanity. Through initiatives like the 7 Pillars of Humanity and the envisioned Sphere of Light, we strive to foster self-esteem, creativity, and a sense of belonging, bridging cultures and communities around the globe.

About Us

Sphere of Light

Our vision extends beyond the creation of physical monuments; it's about building an interconnected world where every individual recognizes their value and the strength in our diversity. We dream of a future where art and education break down the walls between us, illuminating the commonalities of the human spirit. With every project, event, and exhibition, we're laying the groundwork for a society that celebrates unity, freedom, and the boundless potential of humanity.

Our Vision

Tom Holdman


Gayle Holdman

VP Donor Relations

Alan Knight

Managing Director

Kyle Tresner

VP Donor Relations

Amanda Park

Executive Assistant

Ho Yun Ki

Technology Officer

Jack Richards

Experience Design Intern

Kathy Thorpe



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