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The Roots of Humanity Foundation is dedicated to unlocking the potential of individuals and communities through the transformative power of arts and education. Our commitment extends beyond our core projects; we actively engage in and support a diverse array of initiatives in these vital areas. Each initiative is carefully selected for its potential to inspire, educate, and foster a deeper connection to the essence of humanity.


By collaborating with partners such as Holdman Studios who share our vision, we aim to create a more enlightened, creative, and compassionate world.


Explore our initiatives to discover how we're making a difference and how you can be part of this meaningful journey.

Sphere of Light

Utah's New Landmark

7 Pillars of Humanity

Thesis Artwork for Roots of Humanity

Believe in Him

Stained-Glass Mural Illustrating the Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ

The Piece That Is You

Children's Book Created by Gayle Holdman

Roots of Knowledge

Stained-Glass Art Portraying a Story of Human Achievement and the Pursuit of Learning Through Time

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