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7 Pillars

The Piece That Is You

 We created this book with the vision of introducing children to some education and history, the power of art and creativity, the fascinating medium of stained glass, and ultimately of edifying all readers, especially those who might be facing or have ever faced challenges, disabilities or discouragement

The illustrations of The Boy and His Team show different emotions throughout the book. Layouts like this show the illustrators working through each characters expressions and movements. 

For ease of design, illustrations are often done grey scale first. Once the desired layout is achieved, color tones can be added. 

As with any work of (art, visual, literary, performance, etc.), the finished piece has usually gone through several iterations. Here is an early sketch of The Boy learning to speak through art with the piece that is him (the star) always present. 

The final layout is the result of the text and illustrations working together. The use of color, balance, and saturation allow the illustrations to convey the message along with the written words. Notice how the use of monochromatic colors and shadows on the right side give a palpable feeling of isolation and loneliness contrasted with the bright colors and light of the left side. 

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