Why Now?

We have had some people ask us, "Why now?" Or, "Why should I care about this?" the truth is our world has been through a lot these past couple of years. We are in a position where people are feeling separated, whether it is physically or mentally. A worldwide pandemic created isolation at an unprecedented level. Wars, shootings, and other devastating events and internal conflicts are making us feel apart. However, humanity is stronger when we work together. The world can become a more fulfilling place for everyone when we realize what we have in common than we do in contrast.

We hope to inspire and educate people as to what remarkable and positive efforts humanity has already made and what greatness we can yet accomplish. We are a unique and diverse race with many gifts and talents. Over time and amidst challenges, however, we can forget that. Our goal is to help bring us back together as one. While many good-hearted individuals and groups are also trying to accomplish this, we are approaching it through the particular gifts, education, and experience we have.

Glass art is a very tedious medium. It requires many hours of labor, sweat, (even some tears). However, it is also one of the most strikingly beautiful art forms. As light passes through it, the piece gains a life of its own, changing throughout the days and seasons along with the light. Our artwork sparks hope and optimism in the soul so desperately needed in today's world of chaos.

Join us next Friday while we go in-depth with the Love Panel (pictured above). You don't wanna miss this! It will give you a whole new outlook on the windows and, hopefully, the concept of Love, itself.


- Roots of Humanity

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