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Spark the Light, our youth education program, brings young people in contact with art in new ways. We seek to create multi-sensory learning experiences that allow students to learn in engaging and immersive environments. This program is set to target 100,000 youth every year. To accomplish this goal, we promote and use age-appropriate, art-based curriculum; pursue opportunities to visit schools; encourage local field trips to our facilities; and work with a variety of school approaches to reach as many students as possible.

Spark the Light

We believe that everyone is a learner. Our Re-ignite the Spark initiative is a community education program centered on rekindling the spark of learning within everyone. Our re-ignite programs allow individuals and families to explore and be inspired by the noble characteristics that humans are capable of: knowledge, creativity, faith, love, unity, freedom, and courage. Hands-on classes, tours, and other educational materials will be provided to allow this deep-dive into our share humanity.

Re-Ignite the Spark

We are amazed by the power and majesty of stained-glass art pieces. The way that light works with the glass to illuminate the stories and images portrayed is central to many of our initiatives. To keep this craft alive, our future art and education building will offer a stained-glass professionals program. In the program, 4 expert artisans will teach 40 aspiring students from around the world in a four-week program helping them learn and understand the craft of stained-glass work.

Preserve the Craft

We know that many individuals have the same passion for education as we do. Light the Way is a community involvement program that engages arts-in-education partners, academia, and business and government leaders to seek out and support members of the community who exhibit excellence in the arts and inspire others.

Light the Way

Designed by educators at Windows of Wisdom, our stained-glass-based curriculum includes textbooks, workbooks, and videos for students of all ages. The Roots of Humanity Foundation supports learning in all its forms and styles; as such, our curriculum materials can be used for students learning in public, private, charter, micro, and home school environments.


Learn more about Windows of Wisdom HERE.

Learning Curriculum

We recognize and value the importance of technology in today’s learning environment, and we seek to lead out in advanced learning possibilities. To accomplish this goal, we have joined forces with Animate Art to create augmented-reality learning experiences for students and guests to use on RoH glass displays. Our technology and developments are available for free public usage on all mobile app stores.

Click HERE to learn more and download our app.

Learning Technology

Education Initiatives


We are eager to offer educational experiences for students and learners of all ages. In our current 7 Pillars of Humanity gallery, we provide education quests for youth and Augmented Reality learning for other visitors.


Our gallery space is open to the public Wednesdays and Fridays from 2:00-4:00pm. All are invited to come and enjoy the windows and the lessons they contain.


If you are an educator and would like to visit our gallery for a field trip, please contact us here.

Stained Glass Art

Creating the Spark

The Sphere of Light project is created to be a sanctuary of reflection and a kiln for learning. The stories told in the glass windows will be such that visitors to the Sphere can learn about the human story and the intricacies of our shared humanity. Because we are so motivated by our mission to educate, the Sphere of Light will be joined by the Art and Education Building. This space will be fully dedicated to carrying out our Spark the Light initiatives. These programs will provide all guests with opportunities to engage all their senses and take a deeper dive into learning through art.

What will you teach through art?

The answer to the question above is simple: everything! Because of the unique nature of stained glass, we have programs and curriculum created to educate students math, language arts, science, and history. In our office today, we invite schools and families to come and learn from our 7 Pillar windows. Using our licensed learning technology and certified curriculum, students interact with the windows to expand their knowledge and understanding of various school subjects through the stories of humanity. Additionally, we also invite the public to come and learn from these windows and the lessons and values they portray.

Stained Glass Art

Spark the Light

We illuminate human potential and connection through inspiration and education through art.

Driven by our mission to inspire people of all ages through art, we aspire to offer meaningful, hands-on educational experiences to our community. Working with artisans around the world, the Roots of Humanity Foundation seeks out and utilizes art to transform and spark the light of learning within those we reach. For ages, art in its various forms has been a tool in creating curiosity, creativity, and connection in civilizations and communities across the globe; today, we use art to spark those feelings within students and learners in all our spheres.

Learn more about our current and future education initiatives here.

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