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Roots Of Knowledge

The Roots of Knowledge project was the inspiration for the Roots of Humanity structure, artwork, and foundation. This 200 ft long mural chronicling human innovation throughout time and cultures was a herculean effort that the UK's Guardian Newspaper referred to as, "one of the most spectacular stained glass windows made in the past century." Both the process and completed artwork have been a tool for connecting, inspiring, and educating communities. It gave a glimpse into what was possible to do our part in uplifting the human race. 


It's important to note that this project was not commissioned, rather, it came as an inspired idea. Fundraising allowed it to be made possible. The Roots of Humanity Foundation has a mission to raise funds for additional inspiring works such as this. Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated. 


A very small representation of the mind map needed to create such a piece. Scholars & artists from various fields and countries were involved in order to create a more complex and accurate look at humanity's capability to gain and share knowledge. 


The conceptual designs included a pencil sketch of the first few panels. As the project progressed, however, it needed to move so quickly, had so many artists working on it, and was a continual evolving piece that all efforts went straight into the glass creation without a proceeding sketch. 

W3 Lines.jpg

Rather than using models, panels that depicted individuals from more modern times relied on historic photographs to portray them, giving a more accurate representation. 


This photograph shows the design concept in progress using raw and painted glass pieces. This is 1 of 80 panels, all of which are this complex, if not more so.  

Pieces of Humanity

Watch this in depth video on the process behind Roots of Knowledge (Be sure to have tissues nearby)

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